Saturday, January 5, 2008

On the 10th of December 2005, Keith Moor wrote an article in the Herald Sun entitled “Corby Photos Seized in Raid”. The article began:

“POLICE have seized photographs of Schapelle Corby with a man who has just been charged with marijuana smuggling.

The alleged drug dealer is pictured alone with Corby in some photographs and with Corby and another couple in others.

They were found during a recent police search of the alleged dealer's home in South Australia.

He was the target of a joint SA-Queensland police operation into a hydroponic marijuana smuggling ring allegedly operating between the two states.

The photographs were taken before Corby was charged in October last year with importing 4.1kg of marijuana into Bali in her bodyboard bag.

Did Keith Moor see the photos? While he describes McCauley as an "alleged drug dealer" because to do otherwise would land him in court he makes the allegation that “the photographs were taken before Corby was charged in October” as if it were a proven fact without explaining how this conclusion was reached.

We can only assume that Moor never saw these photos. It's time everyone saw them:

South Australian Drug Dealer PHOTO 1:

(From Left) Rosleigh Rose and her partner Greg Martin, Malcolm McCauley, and ‘Dave’ the Good Samaritan outside the entrance to Kerobokan prison. Note the timber door entrance on the left and the carpark in the background. I have concealed Dave's face. He should not be penalised for doing the right thing.

South Australian Drug Dealer PHOTO 2:

(From Left) Rosleigh Rose, ‘Dave’, and Malcolm McCauley in The Secret Garden Bar in Bali. The beer Rosleigh is drinking is in a "Free Schapelle" stubby holder.

South Australian Drug Dealer PHOTO 3:

This is a photo of the South Australian drug dealer, Malcolm McCauley posing with Schapelle in the visiting area of Kerobokan Prison.

Obviously Keith Moor was wrong. There was nothing in the photos to suggest that they were taken before Schapelle's arrest and incarceration. In fact, with the most casual of investigations, the photo showing the entrance to Kerobokan Prison and the other showing the 'Free Schapelle' stubby holder demonstrates that these photos were taken after Schapelle's arrest.

What's more, the only other female in the photos was Rosleigh Rose, Schapelle's mother.
"The alleged drug dealer is pictured alone with Corby in some photographs and with Corby and another couple in others."

This indicated that whoever identified Schapelle in the photos was unable to recognise Rosleigh – the most outspoken and visible family member in Australia's saturation media coverage. This is beyond belief and suggests a smear campaign to force upon the public the belief that Schapelle was involved with the drug trade.

In "Corby's drug sentence may be increased" on of the same day written by Marian Carroll and Olivia Rondonuwu comes the following extract:

"If we can get copies of the photos, we will send them to the Supreme Court," prosecutor Ni Wayan Sinaryati told AAP.

"It would strengthen our case because her punishment has been decreased, and I hope these photos will convince the judges she is guilty."

While the photos were not seen in Indonesia we will never know if Moor's story was responsible for the increase in Schapelle's sentence from 15 to 20 years. It certainly didn't help. However, what happened next was both tragic and unforgivable.

From the same article:

"We can't comment because we don't have the man's name, we haven't seen the photos and we're unable to get in contact with the head of that investigation (in SA) until next week," Mercedes said.

As the allegation of Schapelle having a connection with the Australian
drug world gained public acceptance Schapelle’s mother was tormented by the revelation that she herself was in the photos. On the 13th of December The Daily Telegraph published "Distraught mum fears photos ‘her fault’" by Tony Wilson and Cindy Wockner.

A DISTRAUGHT Rosleigh Rose is certain she is responsible for daughter Schapelle Corby being photographed with an alleged drug smuggler.

Ms Rose spent yesterday trying to remember how and when the photos were taken after she discovered that she was also in the pictures.

"I kept thinking that we didn't know anyone in South Australia but ... I remembered two men that approached me and my partner Greg at the Secret Garden [a restaurant in Kuta] during the trial and the more I think about it, it had to be them," she said.

And then further on in the article:

"They seemed like a couple of nice Aussie battlers. Mal said he had a nine-year-old granddaughter who felt for Schapelle and they asked if they could go to the prison and meet her when we next visited her and we said it would be OK."

Despite the Corby family's claims the photos must have been taken in Bali, The Daily Telegraph has been told the photographs are not in a jail or garden setting.

On the 14th of December Rosleigh Rose flew to Adelaide to view the photographs. She knew the allegation that the photos were taken before Schapelle's arrest could not be true.

However, the South Australian Police commissioner, Mal Hyde, refused to allow Rosleigh to view them claiming that "her request would be considered along the lines of police operational needs." He also stated that the photos were being forwarded onto the Australian Federal Police.

In view of the fact that someone under Mal Hyde's authority had leaked the story to the media, such a position was indefensible. Since no investigation has ever been launched into who leaked the story we can only conclude that destroying Schapelle's chances of a positive outcome in her appeal was in line with police operational needs.

Since Rosleigh Rose was in the photographs she was a witness as to when and where the photos were taken. The actions of the SA Police and the AFP prove conclusively that they had no interest in investigating these photos or in discovering if their suspect, Malcolm McCauley was involved in transnational drug trafficking.

Their actions speak for them - they were only interested in fueling the Australian Government's smear campaign to convince the people that Schapelle was indeed guilty.

And, in the same breath as he denies the victim of these photographs the right of reply and the legal right of seeing the evidence against them, Mal Hyde, the Commissioner of South Australian Police futhers their "operational needs" by telling the media that "these photos do not appear to have been taken in a prison setting."

Certainly, the photos with Schapelle in them didn't look like Pentridge or Alcatraz but then they didn't have to. For them to have been taken after Schapelle's arrest those depicting Schapelle had to look like a Kerobokan Prison setting. And, unless this Keystone Cop was familiar with the visitor's area of Kerobokan Prison then he was not qualified to judge and ethically bound not to voice an opinion from ignorance.

Mick Phelan of the AFP said:

"We just can't release that property, even to look at, to other people. The property actually belongs to the person from whom it was seized."

It was starting to look as if the only hope the Corbys had of ever seeing those photos lay with Malcolm McCauley, the man that the South Australian police had arrested.

However, Malcolm McCauley remained silent on the matter and in the words of his lawyer, Robert Harrap, "his client would not attempt to clear Corby's name or comment about the photos because it was not in his best interests."

Let me clarify this. Schapelle had been convicted of trafficking marijuana from Australia to Indonesia. McCauley stood accused of cultivating marijuana in Australia. How was allowing the possibility that his marijuana was the same marijuana found in Schapelle's luggage to go unchallenged be "in his best interests"?

By clearing Schapelle, he would be clearing himself of
transnational drug trafficking. The only possible explanation for Mr Harrap's legal advice for McCauley to remain silent was that pressures were being placed on McCauley to not clear Schapelle.

No one was aware that a second set of prints existed and the story would have ended there had it not been for the Good Samaritan 'Dave'. Rosleigh and her family would have been powerless to protest and Australia would believe that solid evidence existed that proved Schapelle's complicity in drug running.

'Dave' had met Mal McCauley on the flight to Bali and they had both met Rosleigh and Greg in the Secret Garden Bar. On the evening of the 15th of December, 'Dave' contacted Rosleigh and gave her his photoset so that she could then prove that they were not taken prior to Schapelle's arrest.

What is very clear is that discovering when the photographs were taken was of no interest to our government authorities. Had the photographs never been seen we would have no cause to doubt Mal Hyde's assertions that "they were not taken in a prison setting."

"When they thought I’d never see these photos they told me they were of Schapelle and I dressed up as if we were going to dinner with two older men sometime before 2004. Why would Mick Keelty lie like that?" - Rosleigh Rose

More than a month after the story broke, on the 13th of January 2006, The Adelaide Advertiser published one of the photos for the first time along with McCauley's explanation of how he and a mate had visited an innocent tourist in Kerobokan prison and posed for photographs as had many other Australian tourists over the past three years.

Even though "Corby in the clear" states categorically that Schapelle had not met McCauley prior to her arrest, the Herald-Sun never printed a retraction of Moor's original article.

Two days after 'Dave' gave his photoset to Rosleigh, Moor did write a 'back-flip' of sorts with Sam Riches on the 17th of December 2005 in "Corby Pictures Taken Inside Jail":

The Herald Sun revealed a week ago that police in South Australia had seized photos of Corby with a man who was recently charged with marijuana smuggling.

The alleged drug dealer is pictured alone with Corby in some photographs.

Police initially thought they were taken before Corby was charged in October last year with importing 4.1kg of marijuana into Bali.

SA police commissioner Mal Hyde told Ms Rose in a fax this week the seized photos "do not appear to have been taken in a prison setting".

But the second man taken to the jail by Ms Rose, who gave his name as Dave, contacted The Advertiser in Adelaide on Thursday and confirmed Ms Rose's statements the photos were taken inside the jail.

This is not an apology. It is an excuse for why he wrote the original story. Did he envisage a law suit now that Rosleigh had access to the photos?

He, Keith Moor, broke the story but he begins his article with "The Herald-Sun revealed a week ago."

He then goes on to say "Police initially thought" but 'initial thought' was a far cry from "The photos were taken before Corby was charged." For Moor to have ommitted 'appears to be,' 'said to be,' 'reported' or 'alleged' was criminal and may have resulted in an innocent woman being forced to endure five extra years in prison for a wrongful conviction.

The South Australian Police took the photos from the home of Malcolm McCauley because they believed they may have been evidence of further drug connections. No doubt, McCauley told the police when and where they were taken.

In "Schapelle letter made grandfather proud," an article accompanying "Corby in the clear", McCauley says:

"Did I keep it a secret about meeting Schapelle? Certainly not. I showed the photos to all my friends."

In such circumstances for a police officer to leak the story that photos had been found that implicated Schapelle in criminal drug activities prior to her arrest was no less than criminal mischief.

This crime was compounded when Senior South Australian and Federal Police voiced opinions without investigation and endeavoured to prevent a material witness from identifying the evidence. If it was not evidence of possible criminal activity then what right did the South Australian Police have to sieze the photos in the first place?

If Police can use the media to vilify without placing the 'evidence' before the people then we truly do live in a police state and the rule of law is gone.

Many Australians were left with the impression that yet again evidence existed that confirmed Schapelle's guilt. Unfortunately, these people are not aware that had Schapelle been guilty all the Australian authorities had to do was to investigate her, her assets, her purchase history and her activities prior to her departure - they never did.

The Australian media colluded with the Australian government to paint Schapelle's alleged crime as an "Indonesian matter" as if it was not an accusation of transnational drug trafficking. We listen to Mick Keelty discussing the need for 'upstream and downstream' investigations of the Bali 9 case and we wonder why they feared investigating the Corby case so much. Was it because they knew Schapelle was innocent?

Soon, when human rights organisations the world over get wind of this, our reputation for 'a fair go' and our courageous ANZAC image will be in the toilet. It already is. When the Australian people wake up to the fact that the 'South Australian drug dealer photo scandal' wasn't merely a case of 'where there's smoke there's fire'; it was yet another failed attempt by our government to make an innocent woman appear guilty.

The big question is who are they protecting? Australian baggage handlers? Australian criminals? The need to spend money on airports? I don't think so. The evidence points to the marijuana being planted in Bali and that is why there have been so many failed attempts to convince the Australian people that the Indonesian court was justified in finding Schapelle guilty.


darby said...

I have never read such convoluted codswallop in my life. The "lady" is guilty as charged!

Jacqui said...

Darby - Ha! That's just what "they" want you to believe.

Great blog, as usual. It's really interesting how the police didn't want the truth to come out. Thank God for Good Samaritan Dave.

The media keeps throwing lies around, trying to convince us Schapelle is guilty. Time and time again the lies are exposed.

The more they do this, the more it makes you wonder why. Who is behind these stories and who are they trying to protect? I think we are getting closer to the truth.

DJ Wolf said...

Thankyou Jacqui but wasn’t Darby’s comment interesting? Belief doesn’t require reason only willingness and like every person I’ve ever met who believes Schapelle to be guilty they are unable to come up with a rational argument for their belief.

Of course, then there are those who are working for the Indonesian or Australian governments who have a vested interest in making the Australian public happy with the court’s ‘guilty’ verdict.

In law, concealment or attempted concealment is the strongest indication of guilt. Schapelle made no effort to conceal the drugs but the Bali Police broke international law and risked global condemnation for denying the defendant’s access to the incriminating evidence in order to prevent the alleged ‘Australian’ drugs from being tested. She was convicted of ‘importation’ but no tests were ever carried out to determine country of origin.

This was their evidence that allegedly would prove their case. Why would the Bali Police want to suppress this unless it proved that the drugs were never in Australia?

One day, people like Darby will feel ashamed for what they have allowed in their name. All I ask is that they remain open enough to argue upon the facts of the case and leave their belief in church where it belongs.

Catherine said...

There's informed counter argument on the one hand and irritating codswallop on the other. Darby is a "gentleman" or "lady" who fits into the latter category.

The press at least acknowledged a mistake had been made regarding the SA photographs, even though it was done in a rather cowardly way through shifting the blame onto the AFP as opposed to accepting responsibility for a piece of mischievous journalism. What I never saw was any sort of acknowledgement from the AFP that an error, for which the consequences were serious had been made.

Incidental to explaining how Schapelle Corby came to be connected with the SA drug dealer, dj wolf's blog reveals another interesting point concerning evidence and Schapelle's case.

Prosecutor Ni Wayan Sinaryati says of the photos:

"I hope these photos will convince the judges she is guilty".

Since when would photos, that only reveal someone with another person, prove guilt in a drugs trial. What are we meant to conclude from this: evidence that cannot lie; such as fingerprinting, weighing of bags, forensic testing of the drugs, they're not what's needed to convince judges of guilt or innocence, but gosh, some photos of Schapelle with a known drug dealer that'll do it nicely.

And let's not forget either, that at the time, Schapelle's sentence stood at 15 years for a drug offence. If photos were hoped to play a role in convincing judges of Schapelle's guilt, one wonders what exactly had convinced judges that she was deserving of her already existing sentence.

Chris Dickinson said...

Firstly, let me say how glad I am that "Darby" left his or her comment. It really shows how people who want to think she is guilty have no reasons for it and are too foolish to even be able to follow a clear chain of reasoning.

Secondly, this excellent blog has made an irrefutable case that the Australian police were deliberately trying to ruin Schapelle's reputation and paint her as guilty. The real question is, why? They took a big risk leaking all this stuff and covering up for it. What was their motive? It could only be to affect the outcome of her appeal. But why would they care about that, especially if it was, as they claimed, an "internal Indonesian matter"? There is only one possible reason - that they are terrified of what Schapelle would say if she returned to Australia within the working lives of those in this country who sold her out. She had to be kept in jail for as long as possible so that she could not reveal to the Australian public how our government and police colluded in framing her. They are afraid of what the Australian people will do when they figure this out.

Texaschic said...

I think it's a bunch of B.S.... What's being done to this woman and her family!!!! If they don't have any evidence other than hearsay(since they destroyed or "lost" all of their supposed "evidence")then I don't even understand how they can hold let alone sentence her????? Someone with NO CRIMINAL HISTORY is gonna smuggle 9lbs. of weed to a place where they give you the death penalty??? Really?????? Too bad they can't have all of this brought to the US... No case. I'm very saddened by this!!! Oh... Hey Darby what if this happened to you??? My thoughts are with Chappelle and her family

Texaschic said...

This is the craziest Sh*t I have ever heard!!!! What they doing to this poor woman and her family is pure B.S. After all of the lies, and mishandling of "evidence" I don't know how they have anything to hold her on..... I mean seriously, if she was here(US)this would've been thrown out of court, and Chappelle would be home with her family or starting one of her own... Which she should be!!!! So let me get this straight???.....It's the AFPD's job to clear the baggage boys at the airport, but not their job to clear one of their citizens that has been wrongly accused???!!! Not to mention coming up with B.S. excuses not to have evidence or to show photos to her mother, and to smear her name through the mud in the process????? Deplorable...And here I thought I wanted to visit Australia. Pshhht ...Guess I can cross that off of my to do list.
So who are the ones up in rank in Australia and Bali that stand to lose the most by doing the right thing and setting this woman free????? Other than now you all will look like a bunch if nimrods...OOOPS too late you already do. My heart goes out to the family!!!!!!!

DJ Wolf said...

The reason why Schapelle became expendable was because the entire western world ignores all human rights abuses in where dictatorships oppress and control large third world populations especially where those populations are Islamic and pro-Western. Evidence exists that suggests that the Indonesian military had a hand in the 2002 bombing. Two American aid workers were murdered by the Indonesian military in West Papua. Australian and British journalists were murdered in East Timor by the Indonesian Military and after all that, Suharto, who was said to be "too ill to stand trial for crimes against humanity" recieved a state funeral.

The truth about Schapelle highlights the corruption within the Indonesian regime and she was made to suffer for the sake of all Western nations and 'Regional stability'.

Anonymous said...

This is a tragic story. I am American but lived in Indonesia for almost two years and can attest to the corruption in the government. When I lost my passport I was forced to bribe the customs official in Jakarta to get a Visa.

As for the "investigation", it was disgraceful how the Indonesian government handled the entire situation. No testing of the evidence, no fingerprinting, no video evidence, no witnesses except for the customs official who appeared amused at the whole situation. Can you imagine the new TV series: "CSI: Bali" The way this investigation was performed was disgraceful.

I for one will never again visit Bali. Stay strong Schapelle!!

sKILLz said...

I feel so bad for Schapelle! I mean even if she did do it, which I truly believe she didn't 20 years is CRAZY!
There are people who should be behind bars for far longer for much worse then what she is being accused of!
My heart goes out to the family.
My heart goes out to Schapelle.
My heart simply aches for them all.
I am thinking of writing her and letting her know that she is not forgotten, and never will be!
I know it's hard but I hope she is keeping her head up!

anon said...

I never heard in the media but just decided to do a catch up on whats happened here. I found this article, and sure its not proof, but it sure sounds exactly right:

I previously believed she was innocent as it seemed like a truely stupid thing to do, but it looks like the whole family was in on it, had done it before, and she got unlucky and took the wrap.

Having said that, no marijuana offence should land you behind bars for 20 years. The stuff just isn't that bad or dangerous to justify it.

DJ Wolf said...

Anon, I have examined your link and I'm struck by a number of anomalies. Firstly, the 4Kg of marijuana would have been sold quite fast at $40,000 in Australia. So why would anyone take it to Bali where it wasn't worth more than $2000 and that is only if you break it down and sell it in smaller quantities to the maximum return from the tourists directly.

Secondly, no Australian marijuana has ever been discovered in Bali and no dealers have ever been arrested there. Very strange when you consider that the local dealers would not take kindly to the imported drugs.

However, what is most telling is McCauley himself. This man knows no depths too deep to descend. He was paid $60,000 for this tell-all nonsense and would have people believe that sending $1000 within the packed marijuana would actually work. Arriving luggage is handled by the baggage handlers, and then it is sorted and often x-rayed. It finally reaches the customs check-in desk and the customs officer is supposed to not arrest the courier and not simply pocket the money. That is, if the money hasn't already been pocketed by those that have already handled it.

Sadly, this article claims not just that this system had worked on one occasion but that it was a regular occurence. What's more, I question the Sydney Morning Herald who would publish this knowing full well that McCauley had been paid for it and that the Australian Federal Police would ignore it and not do so much as do a search of the Corby home.

If Schapelle and her family are guilty why do they constantly smear rather than prove?

Jase said...

I think this article contradicts the lies told by Jodi powers.
Jodi says that the Corby family had space bags. Yet in this article Schapelle is meeting up with a "contact." This just highlights that the media are nothing but liars.

A good idea would be to gather every single rumour about the Corbys and every fabricated story and put them all together and side by side. I'll bet they all contradict one an other.

Newport On Tour said...

Just finished reading "Sins of the Father" by Eamonn Duff.

It contains very compelling arguments and I wondered if anyone had any comments on the book and the coverage it is getting.


Stinger said...

I have also just read 'sins of the father' which leaves no doubt in my mind that the Corby family were all either involved with or around drugs for some time. Unfortunately Schappelle was the one that got caught but I believe it could have been anyone of them. I cannot believe a father would allow his child to rot in a foreign jail though and it was weak as piss that he didn't come forward, at least when he was in the latter stages of terminal cancer.

DJ Wolf said...

Duff's book is compelling because he spaces his lies with dates, people, events and the kind of detail that makes you believe it to be true. It is a well understood literary practice and unfortunately, it would take a book to refute everything he has said.

As you may know, Bali is predominantly Hindu and while marijuana trafficking is prosecuted in Indonesia, marijuana use is not especially in Bali.

One reason is that the drug trade in Indonesia is run and maintained by the ruling elite under the management of the Indonesian Police. This is why they have one of the highest rates of heroin addiction of anywhere in the world and all heroin is imported into Indonesia. As for Bali, the prosecution of the Balinese for using marijuana would be an infringement of their religious freedom and so the laws are there to specifically target civilian competition and in the case of marijuana, the tourists.

The end result is that the Balinese people have unfettered access to one of the most potent strains of marijuana in the world (as do the expats who have befriended Balinese people) and any tourist trying to make money selling marijuana to other tourists would be pounced on by undercover police within minutes.

Marijuana is not a high profit margin product and the trick to making money out of selling it is to sell a lot to many customers in a short period of time. The secret is turnover.

No foreigners are selling marijuana in Bali and they never have. We know this because not one foreigner has ever been arrested selling marijuana anywhere in Indonesia, ever. Duff comes up with these lies ignoring police reports and outright contradictions of his material to claim that there is money taking marijuana to Bali when there really isn't.

BTW, the man who came up with the "Aussie Gold" lie was Duff's friend and colleague at Fairfax, Matthew Moore. One day these men will answer for their crimes.

Sarannah said...

Excellent blog. Schapelle is clearly, obviously and blatantly innocent. The sooner the 'sheep' who are the general public stop being led around by the media, the better. If you really read about this case properly, like I have, and follow it, as I have for over seven years, the evidence is so obvious - it should be as obvious to everyone as a flashing neon sign. It's just that people don't take the time to really investigate the case; the truth and the corruption surrounding it. Another great website is They have amassed a huge amount of evidence to clear Schapelle. I just hope she can stay alive long enough to be freed and to clear her name. Thank you for bringing more reason, clarity and light to Schapelle's case.

DJ Wolf said...

Thankyou Saranah. Unfortunately, few people truly understand the depth this went and fewer still understand why it happened in the first place.

John Howard and his cabinet were using Indonesia's pretense of adopting democracy against them. they were interfering in Indonesian domestic affairs but everything changed and all interference ended the day Schapelle was arrested.

Indonesia deliberately framed a random Australian tourist and the Australian Government felt they had to diffuse the situation by making Schapelle appear guilty since she would be convicted regardless of what evidence managed to emerge.

The choice for the Australian Government was between a confrontation with Indonesia in which case Schapelle was unlikely to survive or appeasement and they chose the latter.

To achieve this they turned the general public against Schapelle and for those who knew that Schapelle was innocent they made Australian baggage handlers and the Australian government the villains. And, this was all done to prevent the public from examining the case, the lies and the blatant injustices of the Indonesian court.

Ran said...

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Anonymous said...

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DJ Wolf said...

Unfortunately, to update this I would have to challenge Eamonn Duff and his book "Sins of the father". When someone gets something wrong you can point that out. When someone uses a flawed argument you can use logic to defeat it but when someone begins with propaganda as their foundation and then pays criminals to give him a juicy story it is hard to defeat such lies without writing a book myself. One of his witnesses told a story about the drug activities of Schapelle's father. This woman who the police had already claimed lacked credibility had tried to get her friend 'Jade' to support her lies "for a big payoff" but instead Jade had gone to Duff and told him the truth. But Jade was ignored by Duff because he had the job of smearing the Corby name and that is just one of hundreds of deliberate lies and fabrications in his book.

Torquay3228 said...

Very intriguing comments. Just came across this blog, and feel compelled to comment. I have spent time with the family, as part of the family, spent Christmases with them, bbq's etc, I know the truth and I see comments about schapelles innocence and think how misguided most of these opinions are. Last time I saw Mercedes was in late 1999 when she was pregnant with her first born in our flat at the gold coast. Take this as you will.

DJ Wolf said...

Torquay, you are so full of crap. I know the family quite well too and while it is true that most Australians have dabbled in pot during their younger years the assertion that ANY Australians have ever challenged the police run and controlled drug market in Bali is not just a lie - it is dumb. Every foreigner in Bali is watched for the least infraction of any kind that could earn the Bali Police extortion money. If you really are interested in what actually happened see my other blog along with the Youtube video, "The Corby Switch"

Torquay3228 said...

Mmmmm hit a nerve, what you are doing is very noble fella

In the USA